PatrickxDecay vs Zen Art Space


Houston Zombie Walk, Zen Art Space, and a few random zombies round out this odd bunch of characters

Saturday, June 21st at Zen Art Space, the Apocalypse Art Show was held and I was privledged to be a part of it. Not only as someone who is a staff member for Houston Zombie Walk, but also as a Zen Art Space artist. I dressed in my fanciest of zombie shirts, made sure to put my makeup on display, and had the best night of my life. It had been a long time dream of mine to be featured in an art show, and it was more than I could have hoped for.


My 9th grade teacher came out to my art show, brought me some posters and some wine, and even bought some merchandise from me! Thank you so much Mary!

Friends, new and old, showed up to support Zen Art Space, Houston Zombie Walk, as well a few other things I wasnt even aware of. I had 6 paintings on display, all centered around zombies. They were all well received and I even got a bit of a critique from someone who said “Your art is a parody of a very serious situation. Zombies are usually something that scares us, and you seem to be painting them on a lighter side”. Kyle Fu of Zen Art Space said “I love your use of color in the background and the fact that your zombies arent all flat and one color. You use different  drawing styles and I can see a real market for this style of art.” Not only was I praised for how well they look, but also for the fact that I was able to complete them in such a timely manner, having only weeks to work on them.


Carrie standing in front of her 5 photos she took of her friend at a burlesque zombie photoshoot. People seemed to enjoy the one of our model sprawled out on a love seat with an arm in her mouth

We had a merchandise table as well, and sold two pillows and 4 pez dispensers that I modified into zombies. I gave information to people who were interested in sending me pictures for caricatures, but no one wanted on on the spot. Next time Ill be sure to announce when Im ready rather than just offer it when people approach the table.


I had some merchandise on sale… I made double the money I put into it back, so yay! Take a look, someone is peeping my wife’s work!

Though no one bought any of my actual art, people did like the small prints I made of my wife’s work and the few pics of my sfx that I had available. LadyJesus Cocchia was also on hand and even modeled some of my awesome wares from my etsy shop!


Lady is sporting a HZW bio mask as well as a purple skull headband in support of my etsy store

It was also announced that night that I am not only a new member at Zen Art Space, but I’ll also be doing the special effects for Zombietopia, an original Houston musical! I just made a new flier for the show, be sure to look it up on facebook and like the page!


this is a promo flier I made for a musical Ill be involved with called zombietopia! I’ve signed on to do the makeup and special effects

All in all, it was a fine experience and if you live in the Houston/Galleria area, check out Zen Art Space in Galleria #3! Check out for more information when it is available.


Don”t we all look hungry!? Don”t forget, support your local artists!