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PatrickxDecay VS ZENIFY

So, for those of you who may or may not know, Im going to be involved with a zombie musical called “Zombietopia” that, once finished, will have premiers in both Austin and Houston, so do be on the look out! Ill be doing all the makeup, so far Im the only makeup artist they have approached that they really like. Check it out on facebook at 


“Zombietopia, an off off Broadway play about how I met my zombie boyfriend… Don’t fight the feeling” 


This was from the Apocalypse Ball, featuring the Zombietopia Dancers

I also wanted to try out some directing and writing of my own, so I’ve written a series of shorts that I intend on filming and putting on youtube as kind of a viral video type of publicity campaign, so please like, favorite, or suscribe to us! We will do the same! It is called Patient Zen and will include things like a catchy jingle for Zenify, the zombie drink that helps them retain human function, the failures of experiments, true love, hate, zombie racism, religion, and of course ZOMBIES. There is a sample video on the youtube channel I made for it, check it out! 



ZENIFY is a drink in the world of Zombietopia that I plan on centering the webisodes around.

I’ve also been asked to do makeup for a political fund raiser for the Houston Press the first friday of September, as well as a role participating in the skit, as it is politically involved, we are trying to look homeless and really nasty, so we are going to have some fun. Im thinking there will be around 15 zombies between 3 makeup artist, so yay! I hear the mayor, politicians, and all the Houston Big Wigs are going to be there…. but not the small wigs. lol


Are you ready for this, Houston Press Club’s 62nd annual Gridiron Show??

Last, but not least, check out my etsy store as I am having a sale! See if some of your favorite items made the cut, and see if Ive added anything else you like! Interested in how I make some of my effects? I sell packs of gelatin with everything you need for the first layer of 3d effects. Makeup not provided! Zombie clothing, accessories, clutches, hair pins, horror pillows, personalized caricatures (sent through email with a high resolution) and severed zombie ears are all available at the store at reasonable prices! Find my store at



That’s all, folks. Please visit any of my sites and check them out, and favorite them if you will! Ill try and keep everyone updated!


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