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PatrickxDecay VS Thats some BS TTG

I just read that the second episode from telltale’s game The Walking Dead will finally shamble its way to consoles truthfully by the end of june… but for some reason XBLA gets it on wednesday while PSN, who offered $20 subscriptions, has to wait till figgin friday to download it! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I  feel jilted and if it weren’t for the fact that I love TWD Id have bailed on the game a long time ago….  but I must admit THE GAME IS GOOD. Just stop spoiling it for me and lemme play it. 


TTG is on my shit list forever now, and I hope they finally know the release dates now. If this happens again for episode 3, I doubt people could take it… they were almost foaming at the mouths over on the telltale boards



waiting till friday…. when we are the ones supporting you the most… thats some bs


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