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Biting Off Way Moar than I can CHEW

I’ve slowly noticed that Im not that shut in that I used to be anymore, with each month I seem to be moar and moar busy! Not to brag or anything, I just want to mention a few upcoming events that Im very interested in, as well as some personal goals Im going to be setting for myself as well, so I hope you’ll cheer me on or at least STAY OUT OF MY WAY, lol. 

First, I want to start out with the fun stuff. I work as a staff member for The Houston Zombie Walk, THE best and most well organized charity benefiting three great Houston charities and we are always doing something! Pub crawls, zombie walks, or even just handing out fliers, I usually find myself partially busy with this cause! I design fliers and postcards for them or any other organizations we work with that I know are non-profit free of charge and It just makes me happy that my contribution is well received. 


Not just that, I have been graced to meet some really bad ass friends and get back in contact with a few people Ive lost over the years, and two of them have birthdays the same weekend, and being the great yet cheap ass friend I am, Ive decided to zombify them in a sketch then paint them a small portrait of that! July the 13th the wife and I will be attending a 3 day celebration with new friends at Crystal Beach, and its going to be friday the 13th camp crystal lake style!!! Im gonna bring props, and signs, and and and…. I aint gonna tell!! We’ll be camping on the beach the first night, then renting a hotel room the second, and on the third day  we are all supposed to meet at the birthday girls favorite bar, which is perfect because its located on the way home!


Its been a long time dream of mine to have my art shown in an actual gallery, and with Kyle Fu and Zen Art Space, my dreams may be coming true! For 10 dollars, Ill have the ability to hang 3-5 works up in an actual gallery located in the Galleria mall in Houston! WOOOOO! Kyle is also interested in The Houston Zombie Walk, and he also mentioned bringing up a collaboration one day with them! 

After July passes, Aug 4th is going to be the balls because of the Apocalypse Ball! Im pretty sure Ill be volenteering that night as well, and its sure to be fun with all that is being offered! Modern dance, burlesque, and even fire dancing will be on the menu, as well as actual food and drink! Ill be sure to let everyone know how it goes!


Not to mention the fact that I have 2 concerts coming up, Coheed and cambria with Iron maiden, and the uproar festival with godsmack and Papa Roach, to name a few, but Borderlands 2 is coming out in September, Resident Evil 6 in October, and of course, the huge zombie walk oct 27th at jones plaza. Busy busy


Now, it cant all be fun and games. While all this is going on, I have to learn how to drive behind the wheel of a car competently to remove any restrictions on my liscense, Im working thru my personal demons and finding out I just might be bipolar, and Im studying to try and start school in the fall. Ive come a long way, but im barely at the half way point… I just need that extra push. Im sure Ill make it if I have all that other great shit to look forward to.



I really hope to spend time with my friends, zombifying them or regaling them with tales of when we’ve had our fill of bread and wine… maybe I can get a few friends together for the 4th of July. Who knows. Do you guys have any plans? Are they better than mine? 


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