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Cheap pick of the week! Realm of the Mad God


Steam’s latest forte into free 2 play territory is nothing more than a simple point, click, and shoot game, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a lot of fast paced fun!! Heavily pixilated and dubbed a “fantasy-themed, co-operative bullet hell MMORPG”, you start off level 1 with only one class to chose from. Once you’ve reached level 5 with your cute little pixel warrior, you unlock a new class with new powers! You can only carry so much with you at a time and some of what is dropped can’t even be equipped to you, but that wont stop you from spending countless tens of minutes looking through loot.


Take a look at all this loot!!

You see, in the spirit of Diablo and Dark Souls, when you DIE you lose your progress, lvl, and inventory! This game’s brutality is part of what makes it so different from games offered now, the thought of a permanent death (with information about your dead character and everything) is daunting. Unless you have reached lvl 5 on that particular class, it was all for naught, as you will have to start all over again. In some cases, you’ll have to reach level 20 to unlock a particular class!


Poor guy died, but he unlocked a class and got some fame points!

Realm of the Mad God is an online game where you can team up with others, and as long as you take part in killing the monster, you are allowed to access the bag of loot it drops. A tiny mini-map allows you to see where you’ve been, places you haven’t reached, and where the other 79 players are in the realm! It also allows for instant transportation to a  specific person in the realm as well! At any time, you are able to leave the dungeon realm to go back to the starting gates, known as The Nexus, where you can buy various things such as: dyes, weapons, armor, pets, and even join guilds and team up for a stronger team. The Nexus is always crowded, so keep an eye out for the shops or  people offering a trade!


whoa, this place is a bit crowded for me… time to find a dungeon to fight in!

From one class to another, each with different attacks and specials, you adventure the realm, killing both monsters and their minions as you level up, unlock classes, and earn gold points to buy helmets or other goodies, something this reviewer hasnt been able to do yet. What I have done is have fun with a free 2 play game, not even cracking open my wallet for the spiffiest of rods or swords. If that’s your bag, the game does accept money and will let you buy some of the various items Ive mentioned, but be warned! Some items might disappear if you die!


Everyone had a hand in taking the monster down, so everyone got a bit of experience!

Realm of the Mad God has its faults, its very simple, frustrating, and can become a bit tedious if you just cant reach that certain level or find that right group of adventurers, but for the money, I call it my Cheap pick of the Week. Challenge yourself to unlock each class, try out each of their specials, and get back to me if anyone has reached level 20! This game is brutal.

Online is needed for this game, of course, and it can be downloaded through Steam or played on a web browser.


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