This was a test I did on myself to see how my new latex molded exposed teeth looked. I also proud to announce that I have started an Indiegogo campaign to get my first short film underway, It’s Always Bloody” under a fancy new production name Unlikely Dead. I hope you guys give it a look, if you like what you see, share it! If you share it enough, you could be lucky enough to get your screen name added to the honorable mention portion of the credits! There are also some pretty sweet ass incentives for donating! It’s August or bust!


PatrickxDecay VS ZENIFY

So, for those of you who may or may not know, Im going to be involved with a zombie musical called “Zombietopia” that, once finished, will have premiers in both Austin and Houston, so do be on the look out! Ill be doing all the makeup, so far Im the only makeup artist they have approached that they really like. Check it out on facebook at 


“Zombietopia, an off off Broadway play about how I met my zombie boyfriend… Don’t fight the feeling” 


This was from the Apocalypse Ball, featuring the Zombietopia Dancers

I also wanted to try out some directing and writing of my own, so I’ve written a series of shorts that I intend on filming and putting on youtube as kind of a viral video type of publicity campaign, so please like, favorite, or suscribe to us! We will do the same! It is called Patient Zen and will include things like a catchy jingle for Zenify, the zombie drink that helps them retain human function, the failures of experiments, true love, hate, zombie racism, religion, and of course ZOMBIES. There is a sample video on the youtube channel I made for it, check it out! 



ZENIFY is a drink in the world of Zombietopia that I plan on centering the webisodes around.

I’ve also been asked to do makeup for a political fund raiser for the Houston Press the first friday of September, as well as a role participating in the skit, as it is politically involved, we are trying to look homeless and really nasty, so we are going to have some fun. Im thinking there will be around 15 zombies between 3 makeup artist, so yay! I hear the mayor, politicians, and all the Houston Big Wigs are going to be there…. but not the small wigs. lol


Are you ready for this, Houston Press Club’s 62nd annual Gridiron Show??

Last, but not least, check out my etsy store as I am having a sale! See if some of your favorite items made the cut, and see if Ive added anything else you like! Interested in how I make some of my effects? I sell packs of gelatin with everything you need for the first layer of 3d effects. Makeup not provided! Zombie clothing, accessories, clutches, hair pins, horror pillows, personalized caricatures (sent through email with a high resolution) and severed zombie ears are all available at the store at reasonable prices! Find my store at



That’s all, folks. Please visit any of my sites and check them out, and favorite them if you will! Ill try and keep everyone updated!

PatrickxDecay vs Zen Art Space


Houston Zombie Walk, Zen Art Space, and a few random zombies round out this odd bunch of characters

Saturday, June 21st at Zen Art Space, the Apocalypse Art Show was held and I was privledged to be a part of it. Not only as someone who is a staff member for Houston Zombie Walk, but also as a Zen Art Space artist. I dressed in my fanciest of zombie shirts, made sure to put my makeup on display, and had the best night of my life. It had been a long time dream of mine to be featured in an art show, and it was more than I could have hoped for.


My 9th grade teacher came out to my art show, brought me some posters and some wine, and even bought some merchandise from me! Thank you so much Mary!

Friends, new and old, showed up to support Zen Art Space, Houston Zombie Walk, as well a few other things I wasnt even aware of. I had 6 paintings on display, all centered around zombies. They were all well received and I even got a bit of a critique from someone who said “Your art is a parody of a very serious situation. Zombies are usually something that scares us, and you seem to be painting them on a lighter side”. Kyle Fu of Zen Art Space said “I love your use of color in the background and the fact that your zombies arent all flat and one color. You use different  drawing styles and I can see a real market for this style of art.” Not only was I praised for how well they look, but also for the fact that I was able to complete them in such a timely manner, having only weeks to work on them.


Carrie standing in front of her 5 photos she took of her friend at a burlesque zombie photoshoot. People seemed to enjoy the one of our model sprawled out on a love seat with an arm in her mouth

We had a merchandise table as well, and sold two pillows and 4 pez dispensers that I modified into zombies. I gave information to people who were interested in sending me pictures for caricatures, but no one wanted on on the spot. Next time Ill be sure to announce when Im ready rather than just offer it when people approach the table.


I had some merchandise on sale… I made double the money I put into it back, so yay! Take a look, someone is peeping my wife’s work!

Though no one bought any of my actual art, people did like the small prints I made of my wife’s work and the few pics of my sfx that I had available. LadyJesus Cocchia was also on hand and even modeled some of my awesome wares from my etsy shop!


Lady is sporting a HZW bio mask as well as a purple skull headband in support of my etsy store

It was also announced that night that I am not only a new member at Zen Art Space, but I’ll also be doing the special effects for Zombietopia, an original Houston musical! I just made a new flier for the show, be sure to look it up on facebook and like the page!


this is a promo flier I made for a musical Ill be involved with called zombietopia! I’ve signed on to do the makeup and special effects

All in all, it was a fine experience and if you live in the Houston/Galleria area, check out Zen Art Space in Galleria #3! Check out for more information when it is available.


Don”t we all look hungry!? Don”t forget, support your local artists!

PatrickxDecay VS Thats some BS TTG

I just read that the second episode from telltale’s game The Walking Dead will finally shamble its way to consoles truthfully by the end of june… but for some reason XBLA gets it on wednesday while PSN, who offered $20 subscriptions, has to wait till figgin friday to download it! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I  feel jilted and if it weren’t for the fact that I love TWD Id have bailed on the game a long time ago….  but I must admit THE GAME IS GOOD. Just stop spoiling it for me and lemme play it. 


TTG is on my shit list forever now, and I hope they finally know the release dates now. If this happens again for episode 3, I doubt people could take it… they were almost foaming at the mouths over on the telltale boards



waiting till friday…. when we are the ones supporting you the most… thats some bs

Biting Off Way Moar than I can CHEW

I’ve slowly noticed that Im not that shut in that I used to be anymore, with each month I seem to be moar and moar busy! Not to brag or anything, I just want to mention a few upcoming events that Im very interested in, as well as some personal goals Im going to be setting for myself as well, so I hope you’ll cheer me on or at least STAY OUT OF MY WAY, lol. 

First, I want to start out with the fun stuff. I work as a staff member for The Houston Zombie Walk, THE best and most well organized charity benefiting three great Houston charities and we are always doing something! Pub crawls, zombie walks, or even just handing out fliers, I usually find myself partially busy with this cause! I design fliers and postcards for them or any other organizations we work with that I know are non-profit free of charge and It just makes me happy that my contribution is well received. 


Not just that, I have been graced to meet some really bad ass friends and get back in contact with a few people Ive lost over the years, and two of them have birthdays the same weekend, and being the great yet cheap ass friend I am, Ive decided to zombify them in a sketch then paint them a small portrait of that! July the 13th the wife and I will be attending a 3 day celebration with new friends at Crystal Beach, and its going to be friday the 13th camp crystal lake style!!! Im gonna bring props, and signs, and and and…. I aint gonna tell!! We’ll be camping on the beach the first night, then renting a hotel room the second, and on the third day  we are all supposed to meet at the birthday girls favorite bar, which is perfect because its located on the way home!


Its been a long time dream of mine to have my art shown in an actual gallery, and with Kyle Fu and Zen Art Space, my dreams may be coming true! For 10 dollars, Ill have the ability to hang 3-5 works up in an actual gallery located in the Galleria mall in Houston! WOOOOO! Kyle is also interested in The Houston Zombie Walk, and he also mentioned bringing up a collaboration one day with them! 

After July passes, Aug 4th is going to be the balls because of the Apocalypse Ball! Im pretty sure Ill be volenteering that night as well, and its sure to be fun with all that is being offered! Modern dance, burlesque, and even fire dancing will be on the menu, as well as actual food and drink! Ill be sure to let everyone know how it goes!


Not to mention the fact that I have 2 concerts coming up, Coheed and cambria with Iron maiden, and the uproar festival with godsmack and Papa Roach, to name a few, but Borderlands 2 is coming out in September, Resident Evil 6 in October, and of course, the huge zombie walk oct 27th at jones plaza. Busy busy


Now, it cant all be fun and games. While all this is going on, I have to learn how to drive behind the wheel of a car competently to remove any restrictions on my liscense, Im working thru my personal demons and finding out I just might be bipolar, and Im studying to try and start school in the fall. Ive come a long way, but im barely at the half way point… I just need that extra push. Im sure Ill make it if I have all that other great shit to look forward to.



I really hope to spend time with my friends, zombifying them or regaling them with tales of when we’ve had our fill of bread and wine… maybe I can get a few friends together for the 4th of July. Who knows. Do you guys have any plans? Are they better than mine? 

Does someone have it out for The Walking Dead??

Now, as you may or may not have gathered, Im a huge fan of the comic “The Walking Dead” and have been a long time reader of the series. I was excited when I heard they were making a tv series about it, and once that finally got its berrings, Im a fan of it as well. The success of The Walking Dead propelled AMC even further with its desired age bracket, totaling viewers in the realm of 9 million, plus the second season finale was really bad ass. At this same time, TellTale games was apparently trying to get the rights to make a dramatic, atmospheric game that involved the world of the walking dead, only with different characters. I instantly thought “Oh yes! Take my money!”, so the day it came out, I paid for the season pass on PSN and got a free theme as well. I enjoyed the first episode, going into it blindly and all, not really knowing what to expect and reacting to choices you dont realize will have conciquince, but here we are over 2 months later and there is still no episode 2, only a slight indication that it will be released by the end of “June”. With about a week left of June, lets hope they release it sooner than later because I have stalked the boards and Telltale’s facebooks, there are a lot of angry season pass holders that feel like TTG dropped the ball, and now wish to have nothing to do with them. Come on, TT, you cant go bragging you sold a million copies of the game and then not care about your customers… thats how studios get a bad rep.


Gimme my damn game, TellTale, before I go all escaped convict on your ass

Being a Dish Network subscriber is no walk in the park these days either, with AMC and DN in a heated argument over who deserves what to do what with, probably money or some sort, and I hear it all stems from a recent legal win in AMC’s favor against DN, but as of July 1st, Dish Network has stated that it will not be renewing AMC’s contract and therefore that channel will go black. They have already moved it all the way back in the 9000 range, but that too will go black, and we (I) will miss out on some of my favorite shows, including but not limited to breaking bad, the walking dead, hell on wheels, and the Killing. Yes, I liked the killing… the family aspect really gave it more depth than your average law and order procedural show, and the actor who plays Holder actually got the part of RoboCop for his performance in it!


If Dish Network drops AMC, I wonder how many people will DROP DIsh Network? Ive already called Direct tv and Comcast in preparation of the cancellation.

Someone has it out for me or The Walking Dead, because it’s getting a little hard to be a fan these days! It’s sort of disgusting that when companies get into disputes, it’s us who pay them that are MADE TO SUFFER (get it… hehe… snort snort…  its an arc in TWD)

Dont miss out on the groundbreaking 100th issue of The Walking Dead, coming mid july!!



Rick stands tall above the bodies of both friends and foes in this epic issue 100 cover. 1 of 8 variant covers

If you arent a fan of the comic, become one. Your eyes will bleed and thank you and you will have a new reason to visit your local comic shop every month.

The Houston Zombie Walk

The Houston Zombie Walk

The Houston Zombie Walk Downtown is a great organization that benifits three charities in the Houston area, such as: Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehab, Spay/Houston, and The Houston Children’s Charity. We are completely non-profit and are the only Houston area zombie walk that holds events year round! Check out the events page if you think you’ll ever find yourself in the Houston area!

Don’t forget, I give free hugs!


With year round events and charities, we had to up our name to THE Houston Zombie Walk, as we are the biggest and baddest of its kind!

PatrickxDecay VS Etsy Page Views


For your year round zombie needs

PatrickxDecay VS Etsy Page Views

Come check out my etsy and get a free 5% off for using the code ZOMBEE as a thank you for reading my new blog! My shop is filled with zombie type paraphernalia, and check back there often as I’ll be adding new and more grotesque offerings to my store sooner than later!

The next product I plan on offering is a Double Gel Kit, with double the powder and glycerin as in the Gel Kit, but none of the other features. Its more of a refill for those who have already bought the gel kit.

If you buy a kit from me this month (June) you will receive a free gift of a small amount of creme foundation to mix into your gel to help it match skin tone. Don’t miss out on such a snazzy free gift.

I AM ALIVE… and totally worth playing BTW


I Am Alive features some gritty scenery, just find a ledge and climb aboard!

Many games claim to be about the post apocalypse, where some weird event has tragically ended life as we know it and us humans are now forced to scrounge for bullets or use strategy to out wit a group of foes, but I AM ALIVE takes it to the next level. Through the use of cut scenes filmed by a hand held camera, You play an unnamed survivor trying to make it back to your hometown a year after the “event” happened in search of a family he hopes is still alive. Just getting back into your town will be a bit of a climb, taking bits from Dead Island (a system where exerting one’s energy drains the stamina bar) and the Uncharted series, where you have to climb and scurry up and down the sides of buildings, over passes, and collapsed caverns. When you do finally reach town, you see that you only have a camcorder and an empty gun. In the distance, you see who you think to be your daughter, and you give chase, only to come across a group of people with machetes and guns of their own. This is where gameplay takes a turn; you can point your empty gun at the group of men and they will start to back off, but dont get to close or they’ll see that you are actually holding an unloaded gun and attack without stopping. Collecting a machete, while saving a young girl, will be your first task when you reach town. You are able to make enemies get on their knees, allowing you to execute or knock them out. Enemies drop very few valuables, usually only a few bullets at a time or a quest item. Let me stress that bullets are RARE in this game, but the threat of shooting someone lives on for a while. 


It sometimes comes down to button mashing to over-power thugs with your machete.

This game has a great story that is well presented, but some of the quests seem more like fetching something and bringing it back, just to go back to the same area to search for something new, as earthquakes always open new areas. Going out in dust storms causes problems as well, as it saps your stamina continuously and you can run into gangs if you aren’t careful. Later in the game, you gain access to a bow and arrow (yes, one arrow) and through a series of mini quests, you help a family get out of the city you tried so hard to get into in the first place. This whole time, you are left wondering, just where is his family, and what is the deal with these cut scenes where someone is watching the tapes youve been making? This all leads to a heart-smashing end as those who pay close enough attention throughout the game can almost guess the outcome, but Im much to classy to spoil it here. I will say that it is a gut punch.


Just who is watching these tapes? Are you some sort of narcissist?

I am Alive may have its faults, but its still a great game for a great price (about 15 dollars) and had me immersed in a story while waiting for other games to come out. It doesn’t hold up to any replay value, nor does it show any indication that they’ll continue with the series, but if you are a fan of movies like “The Road” and games like “Uncharted”, you should give this little gem a try. It’s sure to wash the taste of Drake out of your mouth. Available now for PSN and XBLA


Whoa there, cowboy. Let’s not bite off anything we can’t chew here.


Cheap pick of the week! Realm of the Mad God


Steam’s latest forte into free 2 play territory is nothing more than a simple point, click, and shoot game, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a lot of fast paced fun!! Heavily pixilated and dubbed a “fantasy-themed, co-operative bullet hell MMORPG”, you start off level 1 with only one class to chose from. Once you’ve reached level 5 with your cute little pixel warrior, you unlock a new class with new powers! You can only carry so much with you at a time and some of what is dropped can’t even be equipped to you, but that wont stop you from spending countless tens of minutes looking through loot.


Take a look at all this loot!!

You see, in the spirit of Diablo and Dark Souls, when you DIE you lose your progress, lvl, and inventory! This game’s brutality is part of what makes it so different from games offered now, the thought of a permanent death (with information about your dead character and everything) is daunting. Unless you have reached lvl 5 on that particular class, it was all for naught, as you will have to start all over again. In some cases, you’ll have to reach level 20 to unlock a particular class!


Poor guy died, but he unlocked a class and got some fame points!

Realm of the Mad God is an online game where you can team up with others, and as long as you take part in killing the monster, you are allowed to access the bag of loot it drops. A tiny mini-map allows you to see where you’ve been, places you haven’t reached, and where the other 79 players are in the realm! It also allows for instant transportation to a  specific person in the realm as well! At any time, you are able to leave the dungeon realm to go back to the starting gates, known as The Nexus, where you can buy various things such as: dyes, weapons, armor, pets, and even join guilds and team up for a stronger team. The Nexus is always crowded, so keep an eye out for the shops or  people offering a trade!


whoa, this place is a bit crowded for me… time to find a dungeon to fight in!

From one class to another, each with different attacks and specials, you adventure the realm, killing both monsters and their minions as you level up, unlock classes, and earn gold points to buy helmets or other goodies, something this reviewer hasnt been able to do yet. What I have done is have fun with a free 2 play game, not even cracking open my wallet for the spiffiest of rods or swords. If that’s your bag, the game does accept money and will let you buy some of the various items Ive mentioned, but be warned! Some items might disappear if you die!


Everyone had a hand in taking the monster down, so everyone got a bit of experience!

Realm of the Mad God has its faults, its very simple, frustrating, and can become a bit tedious if you just cant reach that certain level or find that right group of adventurers, but for the money, I call it my Cheap pick of the Week. Challenge yourself to unlock each class, try out each of their specials, and get back to me if anyone has reached level 20! This game is brutal.

Online is needed for this game, of course, and it can be downloaded through Steam or played on a web browser.